Photographic Artist, Teacher and Consultant Stanley Goldberg lives and works in New York City. In August 2017 his Carscapes series will be exhibited at the Epsten Gallery, Leawood, KS. From the exhibition catalog:

"Stanley Goldberg’s vibrant photographs capture America’s love affair with the car and the wonders of daily life. He takes us in close, framing stunning reflections of city life that play upon the headlights, windows, and gleaming surfaces of parked cars. For Goldberg, these cars are the “canvases” upon which New York City life is “painted” in vibrant colors and distorted shapes. …This is New York.  This is America.” – Jan Schall, Curator, Nelson-Atkins Gallery of Art 

Through Goldberg’s own expressed interest in technology, he captures the effective surface design of an object that is informed and inspired by dreams of exhilarating movement through time and space. Our eyes feel his camera inspect the depth of each reflective terrain within photographs that collapse a space between mind, body, and machine. – Marcus Cain, Kansas City Art Institute

Carscapes follows on the heels of Mr. Goldberg's 2012 Epsten Gallery exhibition, "Fragile Moments," which was subsequently acquired by the Center for Healing Arts, Truman Medical Center, Kansas City.

"Stan Goldberg’s large-scale photographs at Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill have made our women’s health services floor warm, vibrant and welcoming. Visitors love Stan’s work immediately and frequently talk about how beautiful the area is. From a curator’s perspective, I am thrilled with the educational opportunities that his photographs offer. The imagery in them is so large-scale and vivid that the work blurs the line between representational and abstract. This gives me a chance to explore abstraction in a very accessible way with viewers that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with it. I count my acquisition and display of Stan’s work among my most successful accomplishments at TMC."   James Martin, Curatorial Consultant, Center for the Healing Arts, Truman Medical Centers

Mr. Goldberg, a student of the well-known photographer Minor White, received his education at MIT, in Germany at the University of Freiburg and Technische Hoschschule (Hanover), and possesses a BS degree in Physics from The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, where he was born and raised.

Mr. Goldberg’s life-long interest in photography began with his Uncle Babe, who first introduced him to photography’s magic. The camera has played a part of his career in many forms – creating and producing set projections for Broadway shows as well as corporate audio/visual presentations and installations – all the while pursuing an artistic practice.  Among the entities that have acquired his work are the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (Overland Park, KS), Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Bishop Museum (Honolulu), and over 50 private collectors.

In Kansas City, Mr. Goldberg is represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art. "silently, a bloom..." was his 2016 exhibition there.