Photographic Artist, Teacher and Consultant Stanley Goldberg lives and works in New York City. He has created works for major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, and The Bishop Museum of Honolulu, Hawaii. His 2012 exhibition at the Epsten Gallery, Fragile Moments, was acquired by the Center for Healing Arts at the Truman Medical Center, KC, MO. His work also resides in private collections. Limited edition prints may be purchased from the artist.

"Whether it's a Jan Van Huysum 17th century Dutch still-life bouquet, the abstract petals of a Georgia O'Keefe painting, Andy Warhol's sikscreen blossoms, Robert Mapplethorpe's quiet Calla Lily photographs, the disembodied bloom paintings of Ross Bleckner and Donald Sultan, or the ecstatic flower sculptures of Takashi Murakami -- flowers remain an enduring subject through art and its history.  in "Fragile Moments," contemporary New York-based photographer Stanley Goldberg brings the viewer within polinating range of giant irises and tulips, creating near abtractions of pure color, light, texture.  From first blossom to fading bloom, Goldberg captures every fragile moment of his floral subjects."  

  Marcus Cain, Curator, Epsten Gallery, Leawood, KS

"Stan Goldberg’s large-scale photographs at Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill have made our women’s health services floor warm, vibrant and welcoming. Visitors love Stan’s work immediately and frequently talk about how beautiful the area is. From a curator’s perspective, I am thrilled with the educational opportunities that his photographs offer. The imagery in them is so large-scale and vivid that the work blurs the line between representational and abstract. This gives me a chance to explore abstraction in a very accessible way with viewers that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with it. I count my acquisition and display of Stan’s work among my most successful accomplishments at TMC."

  James Martin, Curatorial Consultant, Center for the Healing Arts, Truman Medical Centers

"If our world and our society was as Stan Goldberg sees and photographs it, we would walk our neighborhoods and see through the facades into a world of surprises and unique beauty. He communicates with that quality ingrained in all of us who respond to truth and beauty and the phenomena of the world we live in."

  Lester Wunderman, Chairman of Wunderman Inc.

"The photographs are heartbreakingly poignant. The portfolio is so much more than I could have imagined. It has been so perfectly presented. I will share this with other friends who love and recognize great art."

  Jeanne Thayer, collector

In Kansas City, Mr. Goldberg is represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art. "silently, a bloom..." was his 2016 exhibition there.